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Trus is a graffiti artist born in Heidelberg in 1977. Since graduating in design and painting from the Higher Technical School for Design and Graphics in Mannheim in 2000, he has lived and worked as a freelance artist in Füssen, where he set up his studio on a former textile factory site.

He has been working as a graffiti artist since 1994, designing facades and exhibiting in Vienna, Innsbruck, London, Munich, Kempten, Paris and Berlin.

2009 and 2010 - 1st prize "Moving Art" - Augsburg and "Streetlab" - Graz

"Painting with a spray can allows me to work quickly and to make my pictures look lively and energetic. Finding new color combinations, conquering new space and working out of improvisation - this characterizes a large part of my work."

ART PRINTS limited and signed

ART PRINTS unlimited

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